Duke Undergrads 4+1

Duke undergrads can earn a bachelor's degree and a Master of Engineering degree in just five years through Duke's progressive 4+1 Masters program. You get a head start in this accelerated program by taking graduate level courses during your senior year.

Details to Remember:

*The transfer of credit requires approval of the Director of Master of Engineering Studies (DMS) for the major of interest and the Associate Dean for Undergraduate Affairs. AB Duke scholars and other students on a case-by-case basis may be able to allocate up to six courses towards the degree.

Please note:

Though admitted to MEng while undergraduates, 4+1 students will remain an undergraduate for four years before becoming an MEng student in the fifth year. Typically, matriculation will occur in summer term 1 after the spring semester of the senior year, and students will complete the internship requirement within 1 year of matriculation. Students will be charged as undergraduates for the first four years and as MEng students for the fifth year.

Generally, Duke won't allow a gap greater than three months between a student's senior year and the transfer of credits from the student's undergraduate program into the MEng program.

The MEng core courses may be available to undergraduates on a space available basis. 

Trinity undergraduates may not be able to complete the MEng degree in only one additional year - contact us for more information.

Contact the MEng office for more information.

4+1: Student Perspectives

"The 4+1 MEng Program was the perfect opportunity for me to spend one more year on a beautiful campus, earn my Master’s degree, and share my alma mater with MEng peers from around the world. The Civil MEng program allowed me to take my structural engineering education to the next level while gaining an introduction to the business side of the industry. To this day when I speak to prospective Pratt students, I highlight the unique MEng program that Duke has to offer. Everything from graduate student campout to MEMP seminars enhanced my overall Duke experience."  Read morel...

Rachel Fleming
BSE Civil Engineering May 2012
MEng Civil Engineering May 2013 



MEng applications are read in rounds.  In order to be considered in an application round, the application and all supporting documents must be received by the date indicated.  Select your application term based on when you'd like to receive a decision, not on when you'll actually join the MEng program in your 5th year.  For example, if you want to hear back by December 1 of your senior year, you'd apply for Spring admission. View our deadlines here.



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