Admitted Student Day 2014

The 4th annual MEM/MEng Admitted Student Day was held on Friday, March 28, 2014. We welcomed a full house of attendees from both programs!

The information below is for those who missed the event.

Sample Innovation Management Class

Dr. Jeff Glass gave students a sample Innovation Management Class.


Faculty and Staff Luncheon

Career Services

After lunch, the career team gave an overview of the support students receive in both programs, along with a handout on 5 things you should do before coming to Duke.

Sample Workshop

Dr. La Tondra Murray led attendees in a sample workshop. The slides are fuzzy in this video, and we're sorry about that, but you should be able to understand what's going on.


Attendees learned more about housing options from current MEng students. Attendees also received this overview of current students' housing.

Note that on-campus housing for graduate students is VERY limited. Most MEM and MEng students live off-campus, and the information below will help you decide on your best option.

Duke's Community Housing office has conducted surveys of students living in various complexes in the area.  The survey lists pricing, contact information, and options. Students then rank complexes based on condition, property management, noise, and safety, and each complex's crime statistics are listed as well. You can also see the student breakdown for each complex (would you rather live with a lot of undergrads, or other graduate and professional students?).  View search results for this information here, but note that the most recent survey is from 2009, so be sure to check pricing.

Campus Tour

Volunteers led attendees on a campus tour.

Special Presentation

Students and staff showed attendees how happy we are that you're considering Duke!

Information Packets

Attendees received a packet of information as well, including

MEM Information

MEng Information

General Information for all attendees

If you have any questions, please contact us!



Special thanks to the faculty, staff, and students (photo above) who helped make this day a great event!