professional master's students work on a team exercise

The Duke Master of Engineering Degree

Advance your career with a Master of Engineering degree from Duke University.

This industry-focused improvement on the traditional engineering master's degree offers you a deeper understanding of technology while you develop the business leadership and management expertise needed to move your career forward.

Degree Requirements

You'll complete:

  • 2 core business and management courses (6 credits)
  • 5 department technical courses (15 credits)
  • 3 electives in your area of technical concentration (9 credits)
  • An internship or project (0 credits)

Launch into a Great Career

Industry leaders knows what they want in their prospective employees. The Duke Master of Engineering provides this: a competitive mix of in-depth technical knowledge and authentic business leadership skill.

Duke's non-thesis Master of Engineering will allow you to thrive in a high tech-focused organization.

Our graduates leave Duke ready to launch into great, high-impact careers.