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Master of Engineering (MEng) at Duke

Duke’s Master of Engineering Program offers its students an industry-focused alternative to a traditional master of science program, with a curriculum of 8 graduate courses in any of seven engineering disciplines and 2 business and management courses, plus an internship. The program offers students a deeper understanding of technology and develops the business leadership and management expertise needed to succeed in a career in industry.

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To complete a Master of Engineering degree, students complete

  • Two core business and management courses (6 credits)
  • Five departmental courses in disciplinary or cross-disciplinary areas (15 credits)
  • Three Area of Concentration electives (9 credits)
  • An internship or project (0 credits)

A Focus on Industry

The program gives you two things you need to be competitive: in-depth study in a technology field paired with a business leadership and management education. This non-thesis, graduate program will help you thrive in a corporate, high tech environment. MEng is ideal for people with up to five years experience in industry.

Industry knows what it wants in future employees—the T-shaped educational profile. Graduates of the Duke MEng program gain that competitive edge—a mix of in-depth technical knowledge and a broad understanding of business, leadership, communication, and innovation. Our graduates are ready to take on industry’s biggest challenges in fields such as product development and engineering design.

Highlights of MEng

  • 18 to 24 months to complete the program
  • Non-thesis program designed to help you succeed in industry
  • Training with a real-world focus
  • Takes advantage of a top research institution and puts you at the forefront of your field of choice
  • Gives you the business foundation you need
  • Options for current Duke students