Course Options for Duke Graduate and Professional Students in Other Departments

Duke graduate and professional students who are not enrolled in the MEng Program may register for the two MEng core courses on a space-available basis and with permission of the instructor. Instructors will require students to have sufficient background for the course as needed AND may also limit outside enrollment for any pedagogical reason.

Non-MEng students should complete the following steps to get into the course:

  • Complete the Non-MEng Registration form
  • On the form, obtain permission from the instructor and from their home department either in e-mail or with a signature
  • Return the form to the Academic Coordinator at 3120 Fitzpatrick (CIEMAS)

Please note:

  • The MEng Office does not process forms until all MEng students have a chance to enroll, so you may not officially be added to the class until the end of the first week of classes.
  • Non-MEng students will not be added to wait lists but are added to classes in the order in which they completed their form.
  • Generally no more than 5 non-MEng students will be allowed to enroll in a course at any given time.
  • Students who enroll in MEng courses as non-MEng students may not utilize these courses for an MEng degree.
  • The deadline to submit this form is the last day of drop/add, usually two weeks after the start of the semester.

If you have questions, contact our office.