Duke PhD Students in Engineering

Students who received their PhD degree from the Pratt School of Engineering may also want to pursue a MEng degree to obtain the breadth found in the MEng core courses.

To facilitate this, PhD students may utilize their PhD courses to fulfill the technical course requirements of the MEng degree (i.e., the eight noncore course requirements) if those courses meet the curricular requirements of the MEng major of interest. Thus, PhD students may obtain the MEng degree by adding the two MEng core courses to their coursework and fulfilling the internship requirements.

Note that generally the student’s PhD research will not be acceptable as the internship experience for the concurrent MEng degree. Students must apply for the MEng Program independently from the PhD and must be enrolled in the MEng Program (i.e., dual enrolled in the MEng and PhD) before taking the MEng core courses. Students should register for these MEng core courses separately from their PhD courses under their MEng “bookbag” and will be billed for these courses separately from their PhD. Other MEng courses to be utilized to fulfill the MEng requirements may be taken at anytime while a PhD student, before or after enrolling in the MEng Program.

Note that being accepted as a PhD student does not guarantee acceptance as an MEng student. Note that students will generally receive their MEng degree at the same time or after receiving their PhD. If a student does not obtain a PhD, only four of the technical courses taken as a PhD student may be applied to the MEng degree. The other four technical MEng course requirements and the MEng core courses must be taken after enrollment in the MEng Program.

All PhD students should discuss their plans with their faculty advisor for their research program and with the DMS for their major of interest. When applying for the MEng degree, he/she should indicate they are already a PhD student and plan to do the MEng concurrently with his/her PhD.