MEng Core Industry Preparatory Courses

The Core Industry Preparatory Courses will demystify business leadership, management, ethics, finance, marketing and communication. The classes will explain the important qualities of successful leadership, and help you systematically build your skills. You will prepare to engage with teams of people across a broad spectrum of disciplines and jobs—exactly the type of situation you’ll find in the working world—allowing you to have an immediate and productive impact.

MENG 540: Management of High Tech Industries

This course addresses critical qualities of leadership, management skills, and decision making in complex environments. Essential topics include:

  • Leadership and communication principles
  • Strategic decision making where outcomes depend on high technology
  • Management of project-based and team-based organizational structures and the role of the manager in expertise driven organizations

MENG 570: Business Fundamentals for Engineers

This course provides an overview of the essentials of intellectual property, marketing, accounting and finance, and business strategies for technology companies. Principles covered include:

  • Marketing, methods of distributing products, analysis of marketing situations, and connections between marketing and other functions of the business
  • Accounting and Finance, including time value of money, financial statements, balance sheets, cash flow and risk, receivables, inventories, assets and liabilities, investments, and shareholders' equity
  • Intellectual Property, including the patenting process, drafting claims, legal recourses for patent infringement, the patent appeal process, patents strategies, the Patent Cooperation Treaty and the European Union Patenting System. Copyright, trademarks and trade secrets will also be covered
  • Technology based business strategy topics such as Forces of Strategic Space, Blue Ocean Strategy, and Disruptive Technologies