As a Master of Engineering student, you have the choice of a non-credit internship or a project as part of the curriculum, and you’ll take part in a follow-up assessment. This is applied learning at its best, and the self-analysis afterwards will help you better define what you want and need for career development. Individual departments may have additional requirements or exceptions for fulfilling these degree components.

MENG 550: Master of Engineering Internship/Project

Internships are typically 8-12 weeks. The minimum hourly requirement for the internship is 320 hours, equivalent to 8 weeks, 40 hours per week. 

Projects require approval from your faculty adviser. Projects must fulfill the same learning objectives as internships. Individual programs/majors may have additional requirements or exceptions to fulfill the internship component of the program.

All internships/projects must:

  • Apply engineering principles to solving one or more problems outside the classroom environment
  • Define a problem and determine potential solutions
  • Appreciate the importance of organizational dynamics and work relationships
  • Practice professional communication both written and orally
  • Complement material presented in MEng courses
  • Include a self assessment upon completion in MENG 551(251)

MENG 551(251): Master of Engineering Internship/Project Assessment

The MEng Assessment course is the culmination of your internship or project work. You will prepare a substantive assessment of your internship or project experience via a written report and/or oral presentation. A polished analysis should include:

  • Problem or task conducted
  • Challenges faced
  • Solutions incorporated
  • Workplace communication and interpersonal relationship critique
  • Individual performance review