Non-Degree Candidates

Students who do not intend to obtain an MEng Degree but are interested in some MEng coursework may take courses as a non-degree student.

Non-degree status is distinct from MEng degree student status; therefore, if a student decides to become a part time or full time MEng Degree student, a separate application and application fee are required, and applicants must adhere to our standard admissions deadlines.

A maximum of four courses taken as a non-degree student may be applied to the degree program if the student is admitted. Only classes where the student earned a “B” or better are eligible to be transferred to the degree program. Note that tuition for these courses is paid separately from any other programs a student is currently taking.

Non-degree students may take any graduate course within the Pratt School of Engineering.

Application Requirements

Non-degree applicants submit most standard application materials, including:

Non-degree students are not required to submit Graduate Record Exam (GRE) scores.


Non-degree applications should be submitted by March 15.