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MEng Students 2014-2015

Duke's Master of Engineering (MEng) Program was founded in 2010. Each year, we welcome students from colleges and universities around the world. View our class profile.

Academic Calendar

The Academic Calendar for Pratt's Professional Masters Programs, including the Master of Engineering Program, can be found in our program bulletin.

Student Activities

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MEng students take a break to enjoy a home game for the Durham Bulls.

MEng students climb to the top of Duke Chapel during Orientation 2013-2014.

Duke asked students, faculty, staff, alumni, and friends to submit material for a new advertisement, One Day at Duke, to be shown during televised games. On the day in question, April 19, MEM and MEng students got together for a picnic with a local food truck. View the extended cut of the commercial on YouTube.

MEM and MEng students line up for lunch courtesy of Durham's Baguettaboutit food truck.

Students enjoy lunch

Duke University Policy on Documentation of Non-Citizen Students

  1. All non-citizen students (undergraduate, graduate and professional) must present evidence of immigration status to the Duke Visa Services Office before the first day of classes and whenever, thereafter, their status changes. Failure to comply will result in the inability to enroll for classes. Students who are outside the U.S. and who are therefore unable to comply (e.g. visa stamp delays) will be handled on a case by case basis.
  2. Undergraduate students who are not in lawful status, but who accurately report their status, will be allowed to enroll. Such students will be advised of the risks to them of being out of status and the importance of dealing with that situation through their own means and with private immigration counsel. Students who are not in lawful status are not eligible for Federal financial aid, but they may apply for Duke-based assistance.
  3. Individual cases deemed worthy of a temporary exception to this Policy due to unusual circumstances may be presented to a hearing committee, by Duke Visa Services or the appropriate departmental representative, for consideration and recommendation to the Provost. The committee shall be composed of the Vice Provost for Academic Affairs, the Director of Visa Services and the appropriate representative from the student's school or program.