Application Fee

An application fee of US$75 is required—pay by credit card within the online application

Additionally, we offer application fee waivers in a limited number of situations.

All requests must be submitted BEFORE the applicant has submitted the application. We are unable to refund the fees paid before a waiver request is made.

Available Application Fee Waivers

If you:

Please email:

And, include the following required information:

Are a current Duke or DKU student (including undergraduate and graduate)

Duke Student ID and Duke Unique ID

Are an applicant who has already submitted a Duke Graduate School Application and paid an application fee for the same term of admission

Proof of payment to the Duke Graduate School

Attended a live event hosted by faculty or staff on behalf of the Admissions & Recruiting office, in person or online

Register and attend the event LIVE

Fee waivers will be applied to live attendees with active Pratt applications after the event

Participated in programs for minority students including Project 1000, the Gates Millennium Scholars program, etc.

A signed letter from the program director verifying your participation

Participated in a service-based organization, including the Peace Corps and Teach for America

A signed letter from the program director verifying your participation within the past year from application date

An active member, reservist, or veteran of the U.S. Armed Forces

Copy of current orders or DD-214