Recommendations are submitted electronically via the online application

We require:

  • Master of Engineering (MEng) applicants to provide three (3) letters of recommendation
  • Graduate Certificate and non-degree applicants to provide two (2) letters of recommendation

The letters can be academic or professional. If you’re still a student, at least one should be academic. If you’re a working professional, it’s fine for all to be professional.

When choosing academic recommendation providers, do not simply choose those professors who gave you the highest grades. Instead, think about selecting those who can give insight into your preparedness for the Master of Engineering (MEng) program. Give them an overview of the program, along with a copy of your resume and an understanding of your goals.

Recommendations must be submitted electronically via the online application. You will be required to enter the contact information of your recommenders (including email address), and the recommenders will, in turn, be sent a link from which they access the online recommendation form and be given the opportunity to upload a letter in support of your application.