Statement of Purpose

It should be uploaded into the online application prior to submission

Your statement should answer the question, "Why do you want to study engineering at Duke?" Think about it in two ways: why is this program the right one for you, and why are you right for this program? How will Duke help you meet your future goals?

We don't offer sample statements, and we look forward to hearing your voice in your statement. The document should be one page single-spaced, in at least a 10-point font with 1-inch margins. Your statement may spill onto a second page, but it should not be two full pages or more. Your statement of purpose is your chance to show us that you can communicate effectively and succinctly.

Finally, think of submitting your application as sealing and mailing an envelope: once it has been submitted, none of the documents enclosed with it can be altered—so please proofread carefully.