Uploading a Transcript


Before submitting an application, applicants are required to upload one (1) copy of a scanned unofficial transcript from each institution attended. Admitted applicants send official transcripts at the time of admission.

Important notes

  • Illegible scans will not be accepted. Take care that scanned documents are legible before uploading
  • Official English translations must accompany documents, not in English
  • Official English translations must bear an original ink signature and seal
  • Translations alone will not be accepted
  • For institutions not using a 4.0 system, an estimated GPA and grade scale are required

Uploading Transcripts

  • Check with your institution's registrar to see if electronic transcripts are offered
  • Paper transcripts must be scanned and uploaded
  • Upload your institution's web-based academic record, if available.

Important notes

  • scan diagramMake sure your file text is oriented vertically
  • Make sure that all critical and identifying marks have been scanned and are legible. These include the institution's name, your name, the names of your courses and the grades you have received.
  • Make sure that your file is in MS Word or PDF format
  • Make sure that your file does not exceed 1.5 MB.
  • To minimize file size, you may scan your file at the lowest legible resolution and in black-and-white

Once you have uploaded your file, click the "View Document" button to ensure that what you've uploaded is legible throughout.

If you cannot upload a legible unofficial transcript, you will be asked to have an official transcript mailed to Duke. Contact us for help. This is a variation of our standard process and will delay review of your application.

Applicants from China and India may find these Transcript Guidelines helpful.