Master's Profile: Perry Wang

  • Perry WangFrom: Corning, New York and Shanghai, China
  • Undergraduate Degree: BS in Optical Engineering (Business minor), University of Rochester
  • Duke Master's Program: Photonics & Optical Sciences

Why did you choose the Photonics Master of Engineering Program at Duke?

I knew that I wanted to pursue an advanced degree to prepare me for more difficult problems and responsibilities that I may encounter in industry.

For Duke’s Master of Engineering program, in particular, I felt that there was a lot more opportunity to learn about the different applications of photonics in the cross-disciplinary context of industry and research. Paired with the business courses included in the degree, this program looked to be excellent preparation for improving myself in a more well-rounded way.

The photonics program here is also relatively small, so I knew that I would be getting strong guidance from world-class professionals.

Plus, I really like living in Durham and the Research Triangle Region. Coming to Duke has given me a great opportunity to explore a region that I wouldn’t have otherwise.

“I knew that I would be getting strong guidance from world-class professionals in the field of photonics.”

What are the most important things you've learned about business and management so far?

After my experiences in my business classes and this program in general, I have really begun to notice how important the people around you are. This applies heavily to business and management. It has really made me rethink the way that I lead and interact with others, which has helped in both my personal and professional lives.

Tell us about your Master of Engineering internship experience.

For the summer, I worked at Lumedica, right here in Durham, Duke's hometown.

It is a startup building affordable OCT imaging systems to aid in medical diagnostics. My project was working on a dual-axis system that has improved imaging depth, allowing it to be used for different applications than typical OCT systems.

I also did some analysis on a new market that the company is thinking about pursuing. This was a great chance for me to build my technical skills by playing a big role in an upcoming project. Meanwhile, the small size of this company meant I was heavily involved and really learned about the details of both the design process and the business side of things. 

What advice do you have for prospective students?

For students considering the Master of Engineering program, I would suggest first thinking about what you want out of your next few years personally in addition to your education and career.

The Master of Engineering program at Duke provides great industry preparation, but more importantly, it is an excellent overall experience.

If the program aligns with what you want, then I would highly recommend making the leap forward!

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