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Information for Volunteers

The MEng program accepts applications in three cycles for Fall 2018:


Application Deadline

Decision Notification

Enrollment Decision Deadline


December 15

By February 15

April 15


January 31

by March 15

April 15


June 15

by July 1

July 15

Admitted students opt in to receive an email from an alumnus or current student, and assignments will be made no later than one week after the Decision Notification has been made.  Alumni should contact their assigned student as soon as possible but at least one week before the Enrollment Decision Deadline.  A reminder of this will be sent with each assignment.  If you will not be able to make contact in the suggested time, please contact the office at right away so that your student can be reassigned.

When making contact, introduce yourself as an alumnus or current student of Duke’s Master of Engineering Program, and congratulate the applicant on admission to the program.  Offer to answer questions about student experiences, classes, activities, campus/the surrounding area, and the effect the program had on your career.

If an applicant asks logistical program questions that you cannot answer, simply tell him or her to contact the MEng Program office, at (919) 660-5455 or

Some helpful links are below, with the MEng Main Website at

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