MEng Students win in Business Fundamentals for Engineers

MEng Students formed winning teams in two recent competitions as part of MENG 570, Business Fundamentals for Engineers.

Winners of the MENG 570 Business Simulation

Using Marketplace Live, six student teams compete head to head over two weeks forming their own businesses, conducting market research, developing products and product lines, creating marketing and sales strategies, and setting up sales and manufacturing locations around the world. Each team presents their strategies, results, and future plans. The winning team, pictured above, had the highest Cumulative Balanced Scorecard which measures profitability, capital efficiency, customer satisfaction, employee development, wealth creation, and market share optimization.  

Winners of the MENG 570 Stock Portfolio GameIn the MENG 570 Stock Portfolio Game, six student teams are funded with $100,000 each to buy and sell stocks over a 10 week period of time with a given set of rules from Investor’s Business Daily. The winning team, pictued above, returned an almost 7% gain in a down market over 10 weeks!

Congratulations, students!